While bullying has always been a problem in the lives of many of our young people, it has recently gotten special attention in the media after several boys who suffered daily bullying committed suicide.  Those young men felt like they had no where to turn for help.  These resources are designed to help you learn to equip your congregation to be a place for young people to turn to when they are facing violence from their peers and to create advocates for peace in the lives of youth.

A Litany for Safety in our Public Schools

Beyond the Bully-PVPI

Bullying Domestic Violence Brochure

Bullying Is a Form of Abuse

Bullying Resources

Bully for You

Christians and Bullying article

Four Steps Schools Can Take

Letter from Dept. of Ed.

Preventing Bullying and Harassment Through Ally Building

Theological Reflection


The information in these documents is provided for informational and resource purposes only; the ideas and theology stated in them are not necessarily endorsed by the SEPA Synod or the ELCA at large.