Urban Servant Trip 2017: Philadelphia!

December 26, 2016


Considering Youth Servant Trip Options for the Summer? Look no further!

Be part of a BRAND NEW Servant Trip opportunity, as SEPA Youth partners with Servant Trip experts Youthworks for a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t soon forget. Join Lutheran Youth from across the region as you dive deep into the complex issues of hunger and food security right here in Philadelphia!

This trip will open new horizons for how you and your youth understand the food we eat and the city we live so close to – and, because it’s local, it will only be the beginning of the experience!

Cost: $279/person

Dates: July 9-14


For full information on this exciting new trip, see the trip letter HERE

Find even more info about this trip and what we will be doing HERE. But don’t register there…

Register TODAY by contacting Bobby Walerius at bobby.walerius@youthworks.com or 612-746-6453!

Remaining Space is Limited!

Additional Trip Resources!

A Video for sharing with your youth to promote the trip!

A Typical Daily Schedule for the Trip

To begin recruiting in your congregation, click here for a Mission 2017: Philadelphia Registration Poster!