Detroit Blog: Work Day 5 (Friday) with Work Crew 4

July 9, 2011

Although we stayed on site at the church today, our work was just as rewarding as the previous days.  The church has a food pantry every Friday except for the first of the month.  Bagging the vegetables up, we became aware how a bunch of food can soon disappear. Full bags of squash and potatoes, juice, bread, meat and other foods soon vanished off the table. With only a small bag of potatoes and cans of tuna left, three more people showed up needing food.  The staff quickly gathered up more items to give to these families and reminded them to get here early next time.  During the rare break in the line of people, we heard hard luck stories of the people who came – from lost jobs to illness to old age.  It was humbling and rewarding as we took their names and handed them their supplies.  We hoped that our smiles, wishes for a good day and treating them as if they were picking up their paid order from the market made their day better.
Work Crew 4: Fran Stepnowski, Katherine Offutt, Kelly Balzeriet, Kellie Weikel, Rebekah Butler, Kendra Kramer