Detroit Blog: Work Day 4 (Thursday) with Work Crew 7

July 9, 2011

We went to the VA Hospital today. We started out lost and confused. Then we were greeted with smiles and coffee. We were brought to escort services where we met Charles. He explained to us what we were going to be doing today and the signifiance of it. Charles shared with us the importance of the VA hostpial and how it serves those who have served their country. After our discussion we began to work with the veterean patients – getting them to surgeries, tests, appointments and other runs like delivering blood to patients from the blood bank. Each volunteer had a special reason for being there whether they had served themselves or they had family who had served. Yet they never felt like they were doing enough volunteering there. We learned about what it was like to be a hospital worker and to see the hospital from a new point of view. We observed how doctors and nurses might lose their patience with others if they were interupted in a stressful time and yet they always apologized after and gave you their full attention. We saw how the veterans depended on kind people to get them around and care for them. We also learned medical things like the difference between a MRI and a CAT Scan. Charles taught us that with determinatiaon and good faith you can do anything and you will be taken care of. He said, “Don’t shoot for the stars but make the stars your foundation and shoot beyond the stars.”
Work Crew 7: Pia Lari, Alexis Lacey, Dame Burgin, Jennie Myers, Rylie Gallagher, Katie Schnaath, Rashaun Green, Claire Swink