Detroit Blog: Work Day 2 (Tuesday) from Work Crews 2 and 6

July 8, 2011

We will never throw anything out again without wondering what our worksite organization, Arts & Scraps, would make with it!  Arts & Scraps is a non-profit organization which collects donated remnants, scraps, fabric samples, packing materials and anything else you can possibly imagine and packages them into kits for children all over Detroit and surrounding Southeastern Michigan communities.  Over 275,000 children are served annually.  Today we made African mask cutouts from discarded hanging folders and drapery samples, punched out crosses from discarded corkboard and bagged them.  Several members of our crew loaded the “Scrap Mobile” with kit materials which will be used by children on projects tomorrow.  We enjoyed working alongside John, who began working at Arts & Scraps a year and a half ago after being laid off.  He told us how rewarding his work at Art & Scraps is, which reminded us that even when life throws us some tough times, like job loss, God has other plans in mind for us that enrich us and hep us to use our gifts in even more meaningful ways.  It was a great day!
Work Crews 6 & 2-
Kayla Bloodgood, Malcolm Davis, Corey O’Brien, Matt Pellengrino, Taylor Halteman, Allison Wessner, Freddy Bullock, Rebecca Valentine, Carolyn Wilson, Regina Goodrich, Mac Fritz, Lisa Diewald, Sally Sweeney and Taelyn Gallagher,