Detroit Blog: Work Day 1 with Team 8

July 6, 2011

Work Day 1 (Saturday, July 2)
Feedom Freedom Growers
This morning our group went to Freedom Freedom Growers.  The first item of business was to learn that the location was actually called Feedom Freedom.  We worked with Myrtle and Wayne the caretakers of the community garden and urban farm.  We taught them about s’mores, they taught us about urban gardening and more.  We split our time doing many things including creating a new home for a strawberry patch, creating new beds for salad greens and lots and lots of weeding.  All while learning about Detroit and it being a food desert.
What we expected to be a long, hot, dreary day turned out to be a very rewarding and educational.
Team 8 rocks!
Robin Alderfer, Steph Diewald, Brynne Gallagher, Sam Hart, Jay Johnson, Carrie Johnston, Dave Smith, Marty Sweeney