Detroit Blog: Team Leader Veronica on Service

May 10, 2011

Service is a funny thing. Some folks do it because they have pity for those in need. Some folks do it to feel better about their own lives. But Jesus gives us a different reason. In John 13:12-17, he said,

“Do you understand what I have done to you? You address me as ‘Teacher’ and ‘Master,’ and rightly so. That is what I am. So if I, the Master and Teacher, washed your feet, you must now wash each other’s feet. I’ve laid down a pattern for you. What I’ve done, you do. I’m only pointing out the obvious. A servant is not ranked above his master; an employee doesn’t give orders to the employer. If you understand what I’m telling you, act like it—and live a blessed life.”

Wow. Serving others and receiving blessings? Where do I sign up? Our journey to Detroit is not just to serve those in need, although service is an important part. Our purpose is to become a living example of Christ’s Servant-Leadership to those who don’t know Him. We gain blessings, and we lose that part of ourselves who feel righteous by helping those who are struggling. That’s a pretty cool setup in my humble opinion.