Detroit Blog: Team Leader Amanda on Voices and Justice

May 24, 2011

Everyone has been given a voice. Some are quiet, others are pretty powerful. Sometimes our voices scream, and sometimes they whisper. But it is our responsibility as members of the family of God to make sure that all voices are heard and represented. It often happens that when voices are left out in discussions, important perspectives are not heard and only a small group really benefits. Righteousness, equality and justice are for everyone. As it says in Amos 5:24, justice will roll like the mighty waters – never ending and fully encompassing. It’s our job to speak out when we see injustices. Even if this injustice is against someone else, as members of one people, that injustice is against us too. In our Voices That Challenge trip, you will be encouraged to talk with people – your fellow servants, youth in Detroit, leaders at the local organizations where we’ll be working, and especially the people we will be serving. Listen to them – Hear their stories. More importantly, bring their stories with you. Now their stories are a part of your story, and your voice will speak for all of them.