Detroit Blog: Team Leader Amanda on Service

May 10, 2011

It’s just another few months until we embark on our Servant Trip to Detroit!  But what exactly does all that mean?  What have we really comitted to?

Our days of service work will allow us the opportunity to share our time and talents to help others in Detroit.  The work will be varied, but all of it will provide extra hands to organizations and people who can use them.  More than this though, we are hoping to take it one step further.  We will be working toward justice – putting in motion lasting changes in our society.  While service is giving someone a hand, creating justice means that everyone will have the same opportunities to succeed and thrive on their own.  With justice, everyone is treated with respect, dignity, and love; it gives a helping hand, a listening ear, and a powerful and supportive voice to those who do not always have one. 

Though there might be a difference in service and justice, they are both necessary and have to happen together.  Service is the work of our hands, but justice is the consequences of our work.  We must serve so that everyone can receive justice!

Committing to justice in Detroit, our actions will create a chain effect and build to make long term changes through understanding and support.