Detroit Blog: Team Leader Amanda on Fears

June 28, 2011

THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  For me the journey for this trip started over a year ago when we initially began talking about where our trip could go.  And now it’s just a few short days before we get on those buses and head west!  As much as I’m excited for the trip and everything that it will bring – new friends, new experiences, a lot of fun – I’m also admittedly pretty scared.  I think a lot of that fear comes from the unknown.  With all the planning that we’ve done, none of it is for certain.  There are so many things that could go differently than we’ve planned them.  As a leader, I think we’ve done everything we can to make this the best trip, so I’m afraid that things will go differently.  

But so what if things don’t go how we’ve planned them?  I’m trying to change my fear into a chance to see God.  When there are changes, maybe it means that our initial plan wasn’t quite the best and God has other plans for us :).  This entire servant trip is God working through us – from the moment we started planning to the minute we get off the buses again in Philly – and I believe that He will take care of it all.  Our trip will be fantastic no matter what happens, so we’ll all be open to a little bit of the unknown and uncertainty.  See you soon, friends!