Detroit Blog: Prayer Requests

July 1, 2011

Prayer Requests from our Bloggers:

From Participant Kendra:

I’d like to pray for all the adults going with us to Detroit. I pray that they are able to tend to any needs of the group while we are there, and that they can keep us safe. I’d also like to pray for the friends and family we are leaving back home. We may think that we are going to be homesick, but the people at home are also going to miss us. I pray that nothing horrible happens back home while we are gone, and that our family and friends are safe. I also pray for the people the we are going to serve. I pray that they are willing to accept our help and that we can help to make their lives better. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

From Trip Leader Amanda:

As we start out on this fun adventure, I’d like to lift the following things in prayer requests:

To be blessed with open hearts and open minds to take in as much as we can during our trip – new information, new relationships, and a new understanding.

For comfort – that even as we are challenged with new things each and every day, we will know that God is always with us and it is the same God that watches over us in Philadelphia and Detroit.

For those people we will share this journey with – that the people we meet all along the way will be open to hearing our stories and what has brought us here – love of God and His people.  

From Trip Leader Veronica:

My greatest hope for this journey to Detroit is that I am changed in a way that lasts longer than a week, month or year. My prayer is that I am changed in my daily walk to be more like Christ, full of servant love every day. I pray that the participants of the Detroit trip are challenged, lifted, and feel called by God to be a better servant and to love one another more deeply. I hope the participants realize that we are all children of God, and we all deserve to live in a world full of justice. And then, for participants to question their own life and goals, are they a shining reflection of God’s call to seek justice in a hurting world.