Detroit Blog: Participant Kendra on Fears

June 28, 2011

I am afraid that I will not be able to fix everything. I found that this happened when I went to South Dakota and it is just something you have to accept. We are only there for 10 days, and we cannot make everything all better in just 10 days, but we CAN make a huge difference and impact the lives of people in Detroit forever. I am going to put these fears behind me and not let them affect my trip. I think that my fears will also force me to work harder to help everyone so that I can leave knowing that I did the most that I possibly could do. I am also afraid that I will miss my friends and family back home.  I am going to have to try to ignore this homesickness and live  in the moment with everything I do in Detroit. I think that I am going to have enough fun to forget that I am homesick and move on from that fear as well. I’m sure everyone has many other fears about going to Detroit, and the biggest thing to do is put them behind you and forget about them and not allow them to ruin your trip. I can’t wait to see everyone and we’re going to have so much fun. Get your last things stuffed in your suitcase, and I’ll see you soon!