Detroit Blog: Participant Kendra on Detroit’s Culture

June 21, 2011

I want to learn what living in another culture is like when I am in Detroit. As I mentioned in a previous blog, someone told me that Detroit is like a third world country. I am curious to see what they meant by this, to see how and what this looks like when I am there. I know that the culture of a big city will be different than the small town I live and I am eager to see the changes and differences there. I want to try some local food that is not as popular around here. I want to learn stories. When I serve people, I like to know where they’ve been in the journey of life. What made them who they are today? I would like to ask some locals about how long they have been living in Detroit and how the city has changed since they have been living there. I want to find an older person who was born and raised in the city and ask them about how it was when they were young and what they think of what it is like now. Everything on this earth changes all the time, and it can be seen and reflected in those whose lives were impacted by that change. I just want to see how the changes in a city’s culture and character transform the beliefs and hopes and dreams of the people who live there, and where those people ended up in life as a result of changes. Everything happens for a reason and the people we will talk to are there to teach us something, so I will keep an open heart and an open mind, and be eager to learn.