Detroit Blog: Hello from Team Member Kendra

April 12, 2011

As our team of youth and adults prepares to go on this summer’s servant trip to Detroit, they will be blogging about their experiences.  To view other posts from the Detroit Team, click here:

My name is Kendra Kramer and I am from Peace Tohickon Lutheran Church in Perkasie. I am a sophomore at Pennridge High School. I love singing and acting and anything that involves music. I just got elected as the Upper Bucks Representative of the LYO Board and I also just got elected as the youngest member of my Church Council. I’m really excited to get more involved. 

 I don’t have a particular “God Moment” to share because God is with you always- you don’t need a big miracle to show you him. I know in my heart that the tiny daily miracles are enough to show you that God is with you. I wake up every morning. I have a supporting family and a roof over my head every day. I have supporting friends. I am loved. You are loved. I think that’s enough for a million God Moments every day.

I chose to go on the Detriot Mission Trip because I had gone on the South Dakota Mission trip and I loved it. I was on the Day Camp crew and I met kids that I fell in love with and I would love to go back and see again. I met almost 100 people from our Synod that shared a common goal with me: to change the lives of others. Today, almost a year later, I am still friends with some of them. Overall, I just had a great time and I love helping people and meeting people. When the opportunity arose again to do similar work, I didn’t even think about not going.